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(1) Dheeraj Mandloi : But Category 3 Refresher/orientation/short term courses missing? Why ?

Ans.  In UGC 2016 Regulation, they have deleted this criteria. If you want to calculate as per 2013 Regulation, you can find this criteria which is limited to "30" marks. We cannot make single mistake. It is prepared with utmost care.

(2) Dr. Alka Agrawal :  It will be more beneficial if you provide (even though paid)services to calculate our score based on detailed specific information given by Lecturers

Ans. It is free service. The basic user interface of website is so simple so that you can calculate within 2 minutes. Just count quantity and score will be there.

(3) Principal Prof Dr. Ashok Patil :  What's about Administrator like principal and any other administrator post. How to calculate ? Give extra waitage for development activities

Ans. API form is same for all posts. Marks are also same. Only Required Marks are different.  Only for Librarian and Physicial Cadre, it is different. For them, we created Custom API Section in website and app.

(4) Dr. Sandeep : Its too good. If it is possible then kindly mention the minimum required points in all calculators e.g. count category -1,2 3 etc

Ans. It is available now on website.  You have to download PDF. There is no limit in Category - III if you score higher than limited marks.

(5) Dr Patel S. I : It is nice simple to calculate the SIP score but you should mention the maximum score allotted at each window.

Ans. Maximum Limited Score is only for Category - I and II which is already set in website. If you score more than maximum score in Category - III, there won't be problem. It is credit.

(6) Mangesh karambe : This API calculated doesn't calculated the librarians post.

Ans. It is in section "Custom API" but you have to set score means enter score as per your stage by viewing rules for Libriarian and Phsyical Education Cadre.